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      Binhai Investment Adopts 10-Year Share Option Scheme with Initial Grant Sorted Long-term Talents Incentive Mechanism Kicks In

      At the general meeting of Binhai Investment (“the Company”) on 13 January 2021, the 10-year Share Option Scheme and the Initial Grant Proposal were officially approved and passed. On the same day, the specific list of personnel receiving such Initial Grant had been considered and approved by the Company’s Board within its mandate. These shortlisted candidates include directors, senior management, core technical talents and management cadre, who are making a direct impact to the overall performance and sustainable development of the Group. As of today, the Long-Term Talent Incentive Mechanism o

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      Binhai Investment Welcomes Successful Wrap-Up of Board Restructuring

      On 16 October 2020, Binhai Investment convened its first Board meeting following Sinopec’s buy-in, in which the restructuring of the Board has marked a successful completion, further facilitating a more comprehensive corporate governance structure of the Company; among which, Mr. Wang Zhiyong, the Chairman of the Board of Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd., a controlling shareholder of the Company, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board and an executive director of the Company. In addition, Mr. Zuo Zhi Min, the General Manager of Sinopec Great Wall Gas Investment Co., Ltd., the

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      Binhai Investment Booms Despite Pandemic Challenges in 2020 Profit Attributable to Owners of the Company Soars by 338%

      On 18 March, Binhai Investment announced its annual results as of 31 December 2020 with a year-on-year revenue rise of 3% to HK$3,654 million as compared to 2019. Despite a temporary slowdown in growth rates when facing the challenging headwinds in light of COVID-19 pandemic, the fundamentals of growth in the natural gas consumption remained unchanged. Due to the diminishing purchasing costs of piped natural gas, the Company saw a rise of about 15% in its gross profit as compared to 2019, reaching approximately HK$603 million. Meanwhile, overall gross profit margin leaped from roughly 15% in 2

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      Binhai Investment Completes Deal with Great Wall Gas Mixed Ownership Reform Comes to Successful Close

      On 24 September 2020, Binhai Investment (“the Company”) celebrated for the successful completion of the transaction of shares in forms of private placement and shares transfer of its substantial shareholder, and hence introducing Sinopec Great Wall Gas Investment Co., Ltd. as a resource-based strategic investor of the Company. As of today, TEDA Holding remains as a controlling shareholder, which holds 35.43% of the Company’s shares, while Great Wall Gas holds 29.99% of the Company’s shares, becoming the second largest shareholder of the Company.

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      Binhai Investment Announces Interim Results for 2020 Total Revenue Holds Steady Growth with a 124% Soar in Net Profit

      Results Highlights (as of 30 June 2020) ? Total revenue amounted to approximately HK$1,834 million, up by approximately 3% year-on-year. ? Profit for the period amounted to approximately HK$151 million, up by approximately 124% year-on-year. ? Gross profit for the period amounted to HK$360 million, up by approximately 47% year-on-year. ? The aggregate length of gas pipeline networks was approximately 3,137 kilometres, up by 89 kilometres year-on-year. ? Construction and gas pipeline installation service fees received amounted to approximately HK$327 million, up by approximately 44% year-on-yea

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